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Make a family tree with this is the next generation Genealogy Software. It allows you and your relatives to collaborate on your family tree, online! Create logons for as many family members, parents, children, grandparents, aunts, uncles and friends as you like. They can add relatives to the tree, author biographies, add and update genealogy details, and upload attachments and photos to the Genealogy and Wedding Photo Galleries.

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The Genealogy Pages, Family Tree Tool

It's easier than ever to make a family tree. The tool gives you direct access to summary information for all nodes currently displayed. From any node click the "View ... Genealogy Page" to accesses the Genealogy Profile detail page screen, see Genealogy Profile below. You can also navigate to Siblings and/or Children. In the example below, under Paula when Eric's tree icon is clicked Eric moves to the root of the tree.
Make a Family Tree

Genealogy Profile Page

The Genealogy Profile detail includes photo uploads and an editor for an optional biography. You also have quick access to parents, children and siblings from every profile page. Clicking the tree icon redisplays the tree with the selected person at the root.

Genealogy Profile

Genealogy Profile Marriage Section

The marriage section of the Genealogy Profile allows you to add individuals to the tree, that may or may not have descendants. The section also supports upload of a wedding photos, multiple marriages are supported. The system also supports sibling relationships with half brothers or sisters. 

 Wedding Section

Genealogy Photo Gallery

When you add an individual to the Family Tree a "Create Photo Gallery" links become available on the individuals Genealogy Profile and for each Marriage. When you upload photos, the Photo Gallery automatically creates thumbnail images and organizes the photos for you. Clicking on the photo displays the full sized image along with a story which you can optionally provide.

 Photo Gallery

Profile Page Attachments

The Genealogy Profile also supports Attachments. Remember, your control who can logon and access your family's Genealogy by creating logons for your family, relatives and friends.



It's time to Make a Family Tree

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