Access Control Is The Cornerstone


Add logonSecurely share family photos, with friends and family. As the owner of the site you create logon Ids for your family members, relatives and friends. By default your website is closed to the general public. This gives you the freedom to share memories and photos with people you authorize and without the risks associates with sites that anyone on the internet can view.
Role AssignmentAccess control is the cornerstone of the system. The system is a Roles based system. When your add users you determine what level of access they need, Administrator, Content Manager or Member/Guest.

As an Administrator you can add logins, add delete and edit pages, and change site layout and colors etc.

The Content Manager role can be given to your children or others so they can edit their own pages without having access to the administrative features of the site.

The member/guest role is allowed to login to the site and view the pages. 

All of the above roles can contribute to the Family Blog (WebLog), collaborate on the Family Genealogy, Edit their entry in the Address Book and receive Calendar Reminder Emails if specified.



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