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Free Websites for provides Free Websites for families. Share photos, videos, blog and preserve your family's history in your own family website. Create logins for as many relatives and friends as you like. From a security perspective the typical social networking website are an area of concern. Most social network users are unaware of the risks associated making their own and their families personal information available on the internet. With your website is secure, you determine who can logon. 

Easy to use

Your easy to use website is pre-populated with example pages. You can edit existing pages or create as many pages as you like. is loaded with great features: The photo gallery and slide show can be added to any page. Choose a great Website Theme. Collaborate with your family on our Genealogy Family Tree builder. Other features include, a Family Address Book, Family Recipes, an Online Calendar, a Family Blog and a Shopping Cart that's perfect for Family Reunion fund rasing. To learn more about these and other great features checkout the Features section in the menu above.

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Website Graphic Themes

You may have noticed the banner graphic at the top of this webpage. The banner graphics are oriented around themes. A theme consists of around 20 banner images. To personalize the theme for your site the system automatically embossed your website's title over the banner graphics. You can select one of themes provided with your site or you can submit your own theme to be added to the system. WebSite Themes include Animals, Aviation, Babies, Balloons, Boats and Ships, Cars, City Scape, Family Reunion, Farms, Horses, Military, Motorcycle, Nature, Oceanography, Racing, Techie, Trains and Vacation. There's also a Random theme which randomly selects the banner from several of the above themes.

If you would like to submit your own banner graphic for your site or to be shared with others, prepare 20 pictures scaled/cropped to 1024px wide by 248px tall. Contact Us for more information on submitting the theme images.

In additional to the themes there are 6 color schemes to choose from. We are sure you will have fun trying out different themes and color schemes. 

Make a Family Tree, Genealogy

Collaborate on your Genealogy online. The genealogy section includes a free family tree maker with detailed profiles, photo galleries, document attachments, biography, siblings and marriage sections. The marriage section also has a photo gallery for each marriage. Online collaboration means your relatives can contribute to the family tree. This is a great activity to involve your extended family. The more people you have involved the quicker the tree will come together, so feel free to create website logon id for as many of your realatives and friends as you would like.

Family Address Book

Ever have trouble keeping track of your family's contact information. The Address Book addresses the issue. If family members move they can simply logins to the website and update their address. Remember security is #1, the Address Book is only available to people you create website logins for.

Family Recipes

Organize your family's favorite recipes. Encourage your aunts, uncles, cousins and parents to logon and add their favorite recipes. Recipes are organized by category so its easy to find the one you want. The site allows your whole family to share their favorite family recipes. Just think, you will be able to find Grandma's Blue Berry Cobbler recipe any time.

Online Calendar

Use the site calendar to keep track of birthday's, anniversaries and special events. Optionally choose to have the calendar email reminders prior to the event. This is a great way to ensure you will never forget a birthday, anniversary or special event. Planning a reunion? The calendar email reminders are a great way to ensure the people show up for your planning meetings.

Shopping Cart

Family reunions often need ways to raise money to fund the reunion. Use the Shopping Cart to sell t-shirts, mugs, and other family reunion related items. The shopping cart is easy to setup and is pre-integrated with PayPal. Just open a PayPal account, and add your family reunion merchandise to the shopping cart. Yes the Shopping Cart is included for FREE.

Family Blog

Share ideas and thoughts through the blog. Again Security is #1, only friends and relatives who you create a website login for can participate in the Blog. The blog feature keeps track of the most recent posts and is searchable. The site also includes a Guest book where relatives and friends can leave messages and feedback.

Family Photo Gallery - Upload Photos

Your site includes a photo gallery which automatically displays thumbnails of pictures you upload. Click thumbnail to enlarge the photos, and see the story behind the picture. Uploading photos is a snap, you can upload full sized images from your digital camera. The system will automatically scale the photo to the appropriate size and resolution for your webpage. Photo Gallery pages also have a slide-show feature built in. The slide show icon appears in the upper right hand corner.

Upload  photos

Free Websites - How do they do it?

You may wonder how we can offer free websites, well our sponsors make it possible. Please support our sponsors, they help keep the lights on at In addition to our sponsors, the staff at ELM & Associates wanted to give back to the community. We hope you and your family enjoy your family site for years to come. is our most important sponsors. We encourage you to checkout what SafeTexting Campaign is doing to make our roads safer. We encourage you to sign the SafeTexting Pledge, if you have teen drivers in the house, please encourage them to sign the pledge. 

If you are interested in sponsoring please request advertising information on our Contact Us page.

Due to popular demand, we have added a feature which allows you to turn the Sponsors column off for your website. After you create your site click the turn off button in the upper right corner of the sponsors page to learn more.

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