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to your Family Photo Gallery

The whole family will have fun uploading photos to the Slide Show and Photo Gallery pages. Yes everyone can have their own photo gallery. doesn't put a limit on the number of pages you add to your family website and any page can be a photo gallery page.

Photo Gallery - Upload Photos

Any page can be a Slide Show

After you upload photos, the website automatically displays a Slide Show button. The slide show display each image along with the photo story if one is provided. Click the slide icon next to the Search box to try out the Slide Show.

Photo Upload Auto Scaling

Upload photos directly from your camera or computer. When you upload your photos the system automatically scales your photos to an appropriate size for the web page.

Thumbnails and Photo Popups

The Photo Gallery feature automatically displays thumbnails of the photos you upload. Clicking on thumbnail to display full size photo, along with the photo story if one is provided. Remember security is number one, the Photo Gallery allows logged on users to upload photos. By default your website is only open to people you create a logon for. Optionally you can open the website up to anonymous visitors.

This page has the Photo Gallery below and the photos are also available in the slide show. Click the thumbnails below to try out the Photo Gallery,

No Space Limitations

The sky is the limit. Upload a many photos as you like.

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